Monday, January 01, 2018

Never sacrifice the joy of being yourself

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Peace Pledge

The Peace Pledge

I will strive to make my life a journey of harmless existence
For any act of terror, I will show resistance

I will respect every life, and its freedom too
I will respect every life under the sky blue

I will spread love and not violence
I will plant roses and not guns

I will have a big heart and bad memory
That will help do good deeds and end worry

I will follow the path of peace, come what may
I will do what my conscience will permit and heart will say

Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia

04.45 (58) p.m.

15 July 2006

Taking life one day at a time

Taking life, one day at a time!

The exams were over. The fields of Fun Nagar’ had been quite silent of late owing to these examinations. Fun Nagar, located in north Mumbai was a colony where Rajen lived with his parents amidst many such osther families. Rajen looked forward to two big months of uninterrupted fun. Clearly, nothing could be as much awaited as the summer vacation –by Rajen and his pals. The time had come- for them to sit in groups and pass afternoon hours sharing their dreams and pursuits- for them to go to the playground and discover the Tendulkars in them – for them to visit their relatives’ place and have the time of their lives. Rajen’s parents also would impose no restrictions, now that the exams were over. Not that Rajen needed any restrictions- for he was a dedicated student who understood his responsibilities. While he didn’t take his studies lightly, quite ironically, he wasn’t clear about his career as well. Rajen had just another year left before he would enter his X standard- undisputedly a very important year for anyone’s career.
Rajen was an average student and had no clear plans about his career. He was a happy-go-lucky child, taking life one day at a time. He used to approach studies differently. His pursuit was knowledge. Competition couldn’t ruffle him in any way. He also was an ideas-student. He liked to think strongly about how major discoveries happened and what was the origin of breakthrough inventions. This uncertainty and randomness was a bit disturbing for Rajen’s parents who wanted him to think more seriously about his career.

His goal in life was to marry imagination with knowledge to result in social benefit. He strongly felt that every educated person should take up the responsibility of at least turning one illiterate person into a literate one. This, according to him would end partly exploitation of uneducated workers who had to work as liftmen or watchmen. He didn’t see any worth in such jobs. He was often trying to unscramble how if technology had made such great breakthroughs, we still needed people to sit at one place the whole day and act as a watchdog. He also used to frequently visit the nearby newspaper vendor and chat with him for hours trying to understand from him, why he had only inclination to sell and not read the newspaper. He had partly succeeded in his pursuit by making the vendor read at least the local supplement that accompanies the main paper everyday.

The day after the exams got over, Rajen took out a pencil and a paper and started drawing cartoons, much to the amusement of his mother. His mother gave out an instant reaction, “Rajen, this will lead you nowhere. Your sketches are not going to be auctioned for big sums of money.”

“Mummy, let me live this moment,
let me quench this thirst
let me not worry about the future
let me live the present first!”
”Oh, there you are Mr Wordsworth, with one more of your silly compositions.”

“What is silly?
Sparrows will chirp,
Birds will fly
Writers will write
So, please don’t sigh!”

“Decide what you are – a social activist, an artist or a writer or a professional Mr Confusion?”

“Let me follow my heart, it will take me where I have to go.”

The vacations ended. Rajen set his heart free and did everything from writing poems to drawing sketches to urging uneducated people to enroll themselves for schooling. The classes for Standard X began and also started the lectures on profession- you should become an engineer, they get paid well you know- said the nieghbout Mrs. Bhushan. “You should try your hand at architecture- with the no of celebrities increasing, this has ample scope you know” foresaw Mr Rawat, Rajen’s friend’s dad.

“How about earning a living out of playing marbles?”

“What”- The shock was evident on Mrs Bhushan’s and Mr Rawat’s faces. Quite predictably, they didn’t take this very lightly and got annoyed. Mr Rawat told Rajen, “You have no sense of seriousness for your life. You will have to pay a price for this. Mark my words.”

Rajen didn’t bother. He kept studying the way he used to. He wondered often whether it was such a big sin to be interested in almost everything. He involved himself in whatever he did and couldn’t find himself doing just one thing all his life.
Time moved on. His results for SSC came out. He secured 80% and his parenst were delighted. Let’s take an admission for Science stream. Rajen refused. He said that he wanted to be a freelancer- write short stories, draw, do some social work here and there and so on. His parents were unhappy about this.

However, Rajen had already sent his works to many publishers and his illustrations had also been posted on the net. Rajen was confident that he would get the break he needed.
One fine day, he got a call from a venture capitalist company (which had been impressed with his unusual and useful thoughts) called ‘Heartforart’ and offered him a deal- he would have to do what he loved doing- sketch, write poems, enlighten people etc. This would be for a government project in order to increase literacy and promote art as well. This would create the much needed awareness for taking up jobs that one would like to do and not just do a job for a living.

Rajen was excited. He was off for a 5 year period to the quarters of the company, ‘Heartforart’ at New Delhi, where he would continue his pursuits with greater freedom and conviction.

His parents felt happy for him. His mother said, “Finally, my son has found a place which deserves him. My best wishes are with you – My Wordsworth, Michalengelo and Anna Hazare all rolled into one!”

Mr. Rawat was speechless when he accompanied others to see off Rajen at the airport. “Hope you take your life seriously”, he told Rajen.
Rajen nodded while accepting the wishes and said, “Sorry, I take life one day at a time.”
It seemed that Rajen’s heart had finally taken him where he wanted to go.

05.09 (56) p.m.
Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Every time it rains like this....

Every time it rains like this...
Every time it rains like this
Dry faces get nature's lovely kiss
Mithun-da-gaana plays (full volume)- , it's absolute bliss
All stop being busy bees

Every time it rains like this,
I can't help reminisce
Tapari times around Dalmia trees
Remembrances of positive spirits released

Every time it rains like this,
I see a child smiling from ear to ear as he would please
Don't complain about dirt - please
The enjoyment of wet showers is too good to miss

Every time it rains like this,
Mischief sets the mood amidst cool breeze
Bloomed roses coyly celebrate, waves merrily unleash,
While dew drops adorn leaves

Every time it rains like this
Every moment finds way into the treasure house of memories
Every drop delights, gone are all worries
A joy that's beyond boundaries!
03.42 (02) p.m.
Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia
27 June 2006

Everytime it rains like this....

Every time it rains like this...
Every time it rains like this
Dry faces get nature's lovely kiss
Mithun-da-gaana plays (full volume)- , it's absolute bliss
All stop being busy bees

Every time it rains like this,
I can't help reminisce
Tapari times around Dalmia trees
Remembrances of positive spirits released

Every time it rains like this,
I see a child smiling from ear to ear as he would please
Don't complain about dirt - please
The enjoyment of wet showers is too good to miss

Every time it rains like this,
Mischief sets the mood amidst cool breeze
Bloomed roses coyly celebrate, waves merrily unleash,
While dew drops adorn leaves

Every time it rains like this
Every moment finds way into the treasure house of memories
Every drop delights, gone are all worries
A joy that's beyond boundaries!
03.42 (02) p.m.
Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia
27 June 2006

Monday, May 01, 2006



Happy at dawn
Happy at dusk

Happy outside
Happy within

Happy being challenged,
Happy being lauded,

Happy going ahead,
Happy reviewing,

Happy whispering a secret
Happy singing a song aloud

Happy knowing things
Happy with new beginnings

Happy enjoying special moments
Happy resolving rifts

Happy expressing
Happy understanding

Happy being independent
Happy being together

Happy making a point of view
Happy letting go ego

Happy watching nature,
Happy seeing the sunrise, the sunset

Happy with day-to-day chores
Happy on salary day,
Happy everyday,
Happy every moment,
Happy all throughout life
Happy – for having got the gift of such a great life!

Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia
06.16 (25) p.m.
27 April 2006

Saturday, March 18, 2006

It must be the damn poet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It must be the damn poet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When someone saw the reflection of stars in the mud,
And appreciated the sight of blooming bud,
Started conversing in verse,
Watched and awed the sight of the setting sun,

Akin to a magician,
Wove magic in his words,
To leave readers spellbound,
In rhyming lines, delight he found!!!!!!!

When someone said pen is mightier than the penny,
And read sonnets and limericks many,
Liked to be called a wordsmith,
And said all wealth is myth,

No wealth compares to wealth of a poet, said he,
A rich heart with an empty purse, possessed he,
When someone got inspired by beauty of nature,
And saw on the sky’s document, the sunlight’s signature,

Everyone said,
It’s emotions, which, with words have wed,
It must definitely be the damn poet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia 13/05/2003 09.16(06) p.m. Tuesday.

Original Thinking – The search is on!

Original Thinking – The search is on!

“Think, ponder, wander through woods of imagination,
Follow footsteps of fantasy, get inspired, enter the “Rhyme Nation”

Few fortunate words will be picked, praised
To be part of a verse, that will soon become a craze”

This is how, poets of yesteryears worked their way, through difficult hours and a life of strife

“Copy, kill conscience, and disregard that, which is original,
Do all you can to achieve your interests commercial

Meaning or sense – may you be sacrificed,
And it may so happen that nonsense stuff is overpriced”

This is how, “so-called” inspired poets work their way, through the competitive maze
I am not amazed

An idea, after all stands unusable unless powered by faith. What is original may ring the alarm of insecurity, the doubts of salability. Nonetheless, nothing can deprive an idea of its power to bag respect, honour and success. But an idea has to be fed, fed with faith, fed with emotions, and with every feeling you hold for something that’s dear to you

Imitating is easy, and fetches easy money too. Yet there is nothing as fertile as a thinking mind, a mind that chooses to be curious, which by sheer anxiety and keenness, unearths various treasures. Hence, what’s original will prevail over what’s “INSPIRED”

It’s true that a lot of debate has gone into attempting to find out whether is there something that’s original? After all, who knows, what you call original may have been thought of years ago by Mr. Findfast or as Mr Foolishfinder didn’t patent his work, you are able to call your own as original ?

Fair enough. Pretty convincing arguments: But the point that’s to be pondered over is that a mere coincidence doesn’t amount to copying and also if one stoops so down as to take advantage of someone else’s carelessness, he better not talk about principles

The menace of copying is hurting our nation, where I am sure, plenty of brainy heads nod in amusement over coming across new discoveries and leave no stone unturned in accomplishing a task they have set out for.

A lot of this can be attributed to the lack of stimulating thinking among young individuals. When the child is young, there is an inborn curiosity to know how things happen, why leaves fall in autumn, how day turns to noon and so on. But soon the element of monotony hampers this good trait and as years pass by, “thinkers that would have been” turn into “answering machines-answers which are learnt by heart, mugged”
This raises an alarm and we ought to act fast so as to inculcate the ability and power of thinking among those of the coming generation

Original thinking does a lot of good to the mind. Once used to thinking, the brain is able to anticipate things far beyond what the normal person can actually imagine. The key lies in feeling the restlessness before and until an answer that is sought is obtained.
Thinking also triggers imagination and though one might have to pass through hazy paths and unclear directions, finally the way comes soon in sight and along with it the joy of unearthing the hidden treasures.

The balance between original thinking and adopting already proven patterns is what will create the right kind of development. Nevertheless, the larger importance of thinking can’t be debated about.
On picking the blue print that led many nations to the path of success, the power of original thinking will find a place somewhere. Japan has developed itself with regard to quality with its Six Sigma way of manufacturing and quality control and innovation has seen companies like 3M earning for themselves a pride – a pride that only they own.

While it’s easy to pen down the advantages of original thinking, the task becomes difficult when one actually has to think. The key here is to think without the fear of failure, to think despite all possibility of failure and in the process to learn through mistakes and eventually becoming successful

Original Thinking – the search is on…… hope it ends with you, me and all of us applying our super computers that rest between our ears.

A Poet you know!!

A Poet You Know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will downsizing work,
Or will rightsizing set it right,
When’ll the profits show,
How would a poet know?

Analysis of trend,
Building a powerful brand,
Which way the index will go,
How would a poet know?

Whose life exists,
In moments of joy and bliss,
And for whom life is nothing
But a rhythm unending,
What sense business would make
When will the investments grow,
How would a poet know?

Who breathes in the kingdom of verse,
To logic, who is averse,
Who is ignorant thus,
Which way the corporate winds blow,
How would a poet know?

The soul that knows,
To enjoy each strand of time,
Whose tools are thought and rhyme,
What light the business gurus will throw,
How would a poet know?

When the rose would bloom open,
The richness of the sunset golden,
Magic of rippling waters,
Lessons that nature taught us,
Only a poet would know!!!!

The wisdom to be happy,
The “Joy Therapy”
The flame never failing to glow,
Only a poet would know!!!!!!!

To stir your heart,
And sometimes to rip it apart,
To live in your memories,
Who’ll never cease,
Is this poet you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia
15/02/2004 06.17(55)p.m.

I was once a kid

I was once a kid!

I was once a kid
Just like a small, innocent seed
Wanting to grow, watered regularly
Happy mostly, confused occasionally

I was once a kid
When reason didn’t explain whatever I did
Chasing the butterfly or gazing at the sky
Little things took me on a high!

I was once a kid
The book of happiness – I could always read
Being myself displeased none
Every job was ‘well-done!’

I was once a kid
But not any longer, though there is a need

But I wonder whether the heart has changed at all-
It likes to beat with joy- almost always, after all!

Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia
8.30(25) p.m.
12 02 2006

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Wishlist of Lady Unreal

Wish list of Lady Unreal

I want the moon,
I want the most handsome groom
I want to win all the beauty contests
I want to have life’s very best!

I won’t cook any food
I will affect the Sensex with my fluctuating mood

Handsome men will follow me everywhere
Some will adore, some will desire my company, some will simply stare

Someone will give me a rose
To be held close to the nose

I will ask for a garden
And faint will my fan, ardent

I will be the lady behind successful men
And I will be the cause of failure for the unsuccessful men

I will travel the world by a chartered plane whenever I wanna
I will sleep on heaps of diamonds and wear lots of chaandi sona

I will not let anyone disobey me ever
All will fall for me, foolish men and clever

I will own more cars than there are stars in the sky
I will have more handkerchiefs than there will be tears in my eye

I will be this way, never change
Enough of knowing me, do something else for a change!

Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia

Only Original

“Great! This seems to be the perfect plot. “Mother scolding son for being unmannered, father too giving a tip or two on how to behave in society- son disgusted with shackles of rules.” “But Sir, this seems to be inspired from Mrs. Tazeen’s story “The cool brat”” said Lucy, the secretary. “Is it so? asked Only original- the writer true to his name. Then wait, let me think of some other interesting plot. Only original surely did feel like looking up through the scripts thrown away as “being inspired” based on Lucy’s extensive research on scripts and their origin.

Sir, some people say- nothing is original in this world. Moreover, I have heard that there are only 36 basic plots, based on which any script of the world is made up.

“See, Lucy, I am not going to give up on originality. Ok, how’s this? A keen on joining politics- forced into army by parents- goes – performs well in the war-however deliberately messes up- joins politics eventually” I am sure this will work.”

“But Sir, this again is similar to the content of the script penned by the late veteran author. He has taken the same plot in his script “Focus takes care of itself”

Dismayed, Only original informed Lucy that he was having a break and would have a good walk which would recharge him. He also assigned Lucy the task of going through some extra scripts he had written and which were unused. As Only original moved out of his office “WritePlace”, he saw two friends having a discussion on whether one should follow his heart or conform to rules while choosing a way of life. He made a note of this in his mind’s treasury of thoughts and continued ahead. Hardly had he walked ten steps further than he came across a wonderful couple having romance, arms in arms, eyes set towards the sky, lips uttering love’s promise. On waiting, he saw that the girl expressed her concern about her future, to which the guy said that he was planning to join his dad’s business. That seemed to not go well with her and they chose to part after a heavy war of words for an hour or so. This too inspired Only original and he grasped the whole scene, stored in mind to use later on.

“This is Dean- Project manager of “Imagination Publishers”. Sir, when are we receiving your manuscript? We have already made arrangements for publicity and other promotional events.” – Only original just said, “Mr. Dean. I am almost ready with it. Shall submit in a day or two.”

“Sir, I went through the extra scripts you had penned.”

“How are they? I am sure one or two of them have potential to be nominated for Oscars”

“Sorry Sir. All of them have some or other resemblance with some published work. The case of twin brother of an army officer taking charge of his expired brother has already been used and was nominated and also won an Oscar.”

“See, I told you!”

“But Sir, now it won’t! People will only refer to you as someone who has worked on a remake of the legend.”

“Lucy, you know, had I been born at least a hundred years ago, I would have been read by people of today’s generation!”

“Yes, Sir, I know. You have the potential”

As the cell phone of Only original beeped again, he got frustrated and seemed lost for ideas.

“Lucy, I am sure, no one must have penned a script on a writer’s secretary. Come on, tell me your story. I will give twists and turns, add spice and make it a great read, and on hand it over to hat silly Dean, that project manager who feels the world is going to stop if I submit my manuscript few days late.”

“But Sir, a script already features on a struggling writer’s secretary who later on herself becomes a great writer.”

“Okay then, we don’t make the secretary a writer. We keep her a secretary. That would work.”

“Sir, there would be an absence of a particular plot in that case.”

Only original racked his brains and soon his memory stirred up. It reminded him of the two plots he had conceived by being inspired when he was on a walk. “Okay, how’s this? Two friends – one chooses the profession his heart tells him to- the other chooses what’s chosen for him by others- the former succeeds- later repents.”
“Sir, it’s too cliché and has been used and abused”

“How about this couple in love? Fiancée leaving her fiancé as he is considered incapable owing to the fact that he was joining his father in business? Then eventually fiancé does very well with his father- marries his ex’s friend who was far less beautiful- ex- feels foolish and repents.”

“Sir, it’s on the same lines as that of Inkling’s one-act play “In love, you don’t fear”

With just two hours left for the deadline, Onlyorigial started writing something. Pages and pages started getting filled. Lucy got juice for the engrossed writer. HE smiled as he looked up for a moment. Then started penning the masterpiece again, smiling without reason in between, moving his hands on his beard, scratching his head to ensure his was going to be a great script.

“Sir, please tell me what’s the script about. No Lucy, I am not going to tell you. You have disappointed me enough. Let me work on my own.”

As Only original approached the fortieth page of his script, he thought of sharing his script with Lucy.
It was exactly 1.30p.m. The door bell rang. Lucy went to open the door.

“Mr. Only original, you have kept us waiting too long now. I hope you must be through with your script.” Dean said

“Sir, please tell me what’s the script about?”

“Oh, Lucy! I saw that so many ideas though original went waste as someone in the past also got inspired by it. Finally, I said- enough is enough. I thought hard and then settled on a script which I am sure would have been unheard.

“What is so special about it, Sir?”

“Mr. Only original, please give the script fast”

“Just a minute, Dean. Hey, Lucy, the script is on me, my story as a writer, a writer who always pens original stuff. “

“But Sir…”

“Now what? What’s the problem?”

“Sir, you remember you were covered by “Diamond in the dust” show?”

“Yes, I do. What about it?

“Sir, the editorial assistant Kim got so impressed by your stress on being original that he thought of working on a subject that would have your story. In fact, I helped her towards this and gave her facts about your life. The book titled “Stay original – inspire” is already a bestseller!”

“Oh Lucy! Where do I search for an original idea? Tell me what’s original? Someone help me.”

“Sorry, Mr. Only original you have failed to meet the deadline. We withdraw the contract. Have a good day. See you.” – said Dean

“Lucy, let’s fall in love!”

“Why Sir?”

“I am sure, it will be an original story of ours then. Writer marries secretary. The duo makes a big hit in the writing world. What say?”

“Dear Only original- there is no such script. I am sure it will work”

As Only original and Lucy gave themselves to the hugs and kisses, Dean approved of this script and came back with the cheque of 25000 USD due to Only original.

“Lucy, being original helps, what say?”

“Yes, darling!”

-Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia 02.03(27)a.m. 19/09/2004 Sunday

Only Original in deep trouble

Lucy, this time, it’s not going to be easy. This time, the publishers “have asked me to prove that the similarity of my stories with previously published work is a mere coincidence and not an act of copying. How on earth will I be able to do that?Good gracious, I am in deep trouble.

Don’t worry darling husband. Set your original mind to work and I am sure you will come up with a way out.

Hmm, let’s see. My next book is already done. So I am free to give time to plan a way out of this trouble. By the way, what is the title of your new book? “Ask your heart. It knows everything”

Don’t mind darling, but what kind of book is this? Does it cater to the tastes of spiritual souls? Or has it got something to do with positive thinking?

Well, the book says that things and life in general are very simple. If lost on your way on any path of life, just ask your heart. It will give you the answers.

Then, why don’t you ask your heart at this juncture of time when a problem faces you?

Tell me Lucy, with whom do you share your birthday?

Why? What happened?

I am so glad I married you. You have shown me a way out. Let me ask my heart. Perhaps I may get the answers I seek.

Get started dear.

Lucy, I have spent enough time trying to ask my heart.And what does it say?It says, it’s testing time. And to prove that my work is original, I will have to seek answers from simple things, like nature, the sun, wind etc. But I know, it’s not going to be simple.

Yes, it’s not a case where one has to differentiate real flowers from artificial ones and do so by getting a bee on the real flowers.

We are on the right track, Lucy. Get some tea for both of us. I am sure we will come out of this soon.Sure Darling. (As the writer and his inspiration, his wife shared talks over the cuppa, several things of the nature were discussed. Like How does the sun know without wearing a watch that in the evening, it is time for it to set?Why isn’t a stream ever afraid that it will forget its journey that leads to the sea?How do the buds respect the raindrops by blooming into fine flowers?The answer they got and which they both agreed was that they just followed their heart. Only Original soon seemed to have caught hold of something important. As he put the mug aside, he snapped his fingers while his ex-pressions gave an idea that he was deeply convinced of some thought)

Have you been able to find the way out? So soon?

No, Lucy. But I have stepped on the path that will enable me to reach my destination. Something is better than nothing.

But tell me what is it exactly that has caught your attention?

Lucy, give me answers to the questions I ask you.


With which previous work is my story, “Dance when it’s raining” allegedly similar to?

“Shake your leg. The showers have wet the earth”

Tell me what is the common theme of both the stories?

That one should not go indoors when it rains and that it’s best to dance when raindrops wet the earth’s floor.

Which gentleman has penned “Shake your leg. The showers have wet the earth?

Mr. Feelhigh

When was his story published?

Two years ago

Ok, now go and make some tea for me.

I don’t get this. What are you upto?

Surely, something original darling. Get some tea for me and yes, call your friend Sweetlime to come and join us.

Okay. As you say.(In a short while, Sweetlime dropped in at Only Original’s and Lucy got the tea made for Only Original.)

Sweetlime, do you mind making some tea for me?Sure, why not?(Sweetlime went and fast prepared a cup of tea for Only Original. Soon the two mugs of tea lay in front of Only Original. While the lost faces of Sweetlime and Lucy looked at each other, Only Original seemed to be confident about something.)

Now Lucy, taste your self-made tea and the one prepared by Sweetlime. Tell me the difference.(Lucy did as he was asked)

Honey, there’s no difference in the taste.

Exactly. Similarly, though the common theme of “Dance when it’s raining” and“Shake your leg. The showers have wet the earth” exists, the elements differ. The treatment differs, yet both have the potential to come across as similar, just as the taste of the tea in these mugs. So, my work is done. Originality may lead one to a track already walked by someone, but one may not know it. So, we are out of trouble.

Yes. So, what next?

Wait till I convince the judge about this and as soon as I receive approval from the publishers, “Ask your heart. It has all the answers” will be the first thing I will look forward to.

As Only Original wore an ex-pression of triumph on his face after the judge subscribed to the argument given by him, Lucy and Sweetlime struggled as they tried to find difference between the tea made by them.As Only Original came out of the court, he told Lucy,

Darling, there was a difference between the tea made by you and Sweetlime.

What was the difference, - Lucy and Sweetlime asked in chorus?Well, the one made by Lucy had the extra flavour of HEARTFELT LOVE

Fast, move out of here. Otherwise, you may be welcomed by another order to prove your original work. (The three of them made a move right towards Only Original’s and had a lot of fun together. Only original was out of trouble and free to work on his forthcoming titles.)Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia 26/12/2004 Sunday03.57 (10) p.m.

Tears to Giggles

Tears To GigglesThe word had spread around that “Tears to Giggles” humorous show would go off air soon. One avid fan of the show was anything but happy. How can they do this?Why are they doing this?The hosts of the show, Amuse and Amaze both seemed to have enough of “Smile spreading.” Apparently, lukewarm response to their show and less than satisfactory impact on people’s lives had compelled them to announce the exit. While on their way to the “Justjoy” Channel Office to convey their decision to quit the show, Amaze and Amuse shared their feelings. Amaze, in particular was highly frustrated. Kicking the rolling tin that came in his way, he expressed his anger. “People only want money. They don’t want happiness. They just need the happiness that comes from having plenty of money. Why should we waste our time and energy trying to better their lives?”Amuse shared his displeasure too. “It’s so ironical. There are so many essays penned on “The importance of a smile” by now and so many benefits of staying happy we know, still most of us seem to run blindly on the path to materialism and become sad instead. We thought we could make a positive difference with our show, but perhaps we were being enthusiastic and optimistic.”“Well, gentlemen, don’t you think that I am trying to persuade you to go on with the show so that my job would be saved.” – said Project Manager Setright. He continued, “I don’t think this decision is one you will be quite proud of. Challenges surely come in the way, but facing them is what makes life worth living and the joy of winning special. I think you should reconsider your decision and get started again with renewed spirit.”Amaze said in an anguished tone, “ We began this show thinking we will turn people’s tears into giggles. But alas, the world seems to be too lost in its own materialistic kingdom. Now, after going through the TRP ratings, we can’t take it any longer. Let tears remain tears. Let there be no giggles.”Turning his face to Amuse, Amaze continued, “Do you recall, how we used to take extra pains to come out with new ideas that would appeal to the mass? How we brainstormed for so many hours, discussing what would bring a smile on the faces of the audience?”“How can I forget Muse! It was the hard work that was put in- sheer hard work. I have realized one thing – if the world has problems, it deserves it. There is no place for philosophy in this money crazy world.”As Amuse and Amaze stopped at a café to have snacks and tea, they saw a young boy, reacting with a sad face to something he seemed to have read in the paper.Curious, Amaze asked the young lad, “Hey young fellow, why are you sobbing?”“My name is Owntale.”“So, Owntale, tell us what is it that has bothered you? And has wrought sorrow on your face?” – Amuse asked“ I just read in the paper that the show “Tears to Giggles” is going off air. That has really bothered me. It had been such a nice show for children like us.”Amuse and Amaze saw the wrinkles of smiles on each other’s faces. They wanted to know more about how their show was perceived. So Amaze asked Owntale “But if the show was so nice, how is it that its viewership has not proved the point? We are Amuse and Amaze, the co anchors of the show.”“I don’t know. Perhaps it is because still all the channels are too busy motivating people how to succeed. However, there is no show that enables people to control themselves during tough times, to endure the bad phase in life.”“Ok Owntale, agreed! But then, how do we ensure that people will keep viewing our show?”There has to be some awareness of this issue. All must realise that many times, life fails us and somehow things go beyond our reach. That doesn’t mean that we had worked less or were not committed in our efforts. It just means that sometimes, things need to be accepted with pleasure and a pinch of salt.”The Channel head of JUSTJOY Mr. Smilespread in the meanwhile was listening to the arguments and the discussion.He noted many points in his diary and again turned his ears to the intense conversation. Owntale was heard saying “It is a matter of shame that so many suicides are committed by so many intellectuals. IS this why are we educated or why we work hard? The illusion is a big one. In quest of materliastic success, sometimes we sacrifice the real wealth of happiness. “Tears to Giggles” was doing a great job by showing examples of people who with a smile on their faces compromised with life the moment they realized things were beyond their reach.”“Mr. Whoever, what is your name?” Mr. Smilespread asked Owntale as Owntale was caught unawares by this suit-clad executive. “I am Owntale”“Tell me Owntale, are you interested in taking up the job of spreading this message nationwide and thereby rescuing your favourite show?”“Why not? I am game.”Smilespread also informed Amuse and Amaze that the channel was disappointed with the viewership statistics but was satisfied with the show content. It somehow wanted to know where the problem was. With Owntale making us aware that the problem lied in lack of awareness and a nationwide campaign. The duo was requested to join back and start preparations for future episodes in full swing. Amuse and Amaze saw their momentary sorrow sand tears turn into giggles and started work again. The following punchline was finalized for Tears to Giggles.Tears to Giggles – For happiness,for each home to become a HAPPY NEST Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia04.09(51) p.m. 29/12/2004Wednesday

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